Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Technology Helping the Traveler

I am not fond of traveling. I like going places. Over the past several years my wife has dragged me to destinations I resisted. And it was great. New places are fun. Adventures are everywhere. And adventures r' us, if you catch my drift. But, traveling in a car is not fun, it is better than an airplane but only because of the relative proximity to the ground. In a car it is much closer. In a plane the ground can be a long ways away, same with a boat. In a boat you could be hundreds of feet from the ground and not even know it. All of that water really messes up your opportunity to see exactly how far you are from the ground. You might look over the side and think "huh, the ground is probably right below the bottom of the boat." When in fact it is way down there, and the area between you and the ground is filled with sharks, giant squid, eels, and god knows what else... oops, sorry about that.

Anyway, I like going places, just not all that crazy about getting there. Once we get there, and have fun I like to post reviews on Trip Adviser. That way people will know what a good time I am having. I never leave bad reviews. People all over the world will think "that moron sure picked the wrong place to eat this time didn't he?" People all over the world calling me a moron and thinking I don't know how to pick a restaurant makes me feel uncomfortable. When we do stop someplace that is less than review worthy I just don't review it. I don't lie about it. Unless omission is a lie. Now we enter a terribly complex philosophical question better left to people who can handle writing a bad review without worrying about their reputation.

This weekend we are going to the Swapper's Day in Johnstown Ohio. It is billed as the world's, maybe it is just the nation's, possibly just the state's biggest yard sale. By any of these measures it is a big yard sale. And it has seven trip adviser reviews. A yard sale with trip adviser reviews, that just kills me. Some good, some bad, none right in the middle though. Which really bothers my sense of symmetry. Not that I can do anything about it.

Back to my point. No matter where you are traveling you can probably find someone who loved, and someone who hated it. Technology brings us these wonderful insights. But, I think it is more about us than it is about the food, event or attraction. We only see what we are looking for.

I will give this post 5 stars, it may not deserve the grade, but I really had fun. The service was
excellent and the help was above average. What do you think?

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