Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let the Bitching Begin

In line with the whole topic about how "G+ Has a Funny Way of Going Away" there seems to be a lot of interesting things going on in the Google Universe. I guess it should be called the "Alphabet" Universe now, but if you (like myself) have a lot of homesteads in the Google Universe, you are probably watching the ripples of waves that seem to be tearing apart what is "normal" and "comfortable." I have come here to praise Google not bury it, so bear with me .....

Of course the Cult of Bah-Waaaaah [CBW] haven't really had a chance to react to the new changes, as most of them are still licking the wounds of knowing that Google+ Classic is going away forever. I personally haven't used "classic" in well over six months, so I don't even remember whats was so good about it. Unfortunately like everything, old code has to be dismantled for the new. Apple people probably don't understand why they truly like Apple over Microsoft, but it has a lot to do with faulty proprietary code and cost. Microsoft used to go through agony and painstaking detail to make sure that the 1984 version of Quicken for DOS would still work on a Windows 98 32 bit platform, and to do that they had to write 40 kazillion lines of buggy code, but if they didn't do that, the CBW would descend on them like flies on crap. They would take to every form of available media (at that time radio and newspapers, with an occasional magazine articles) comparing Bill Gates to Adolf Hitler, and swear they would never forgive Microsoft.

Apple on the other hand would kill itself every few years in the name of being cutting edge and inevitably less "buggy." People like myself would stick with Microsoft products because we could deal with bugs, upgrade when we needed to, and of course save a lot of money along the way. Apple people would simply avoid ulcers, buy a whole new system every couple of years, and get on with life. For decades, Microsoft completely dominated the market, Apple was laughed at by most, and I for one never thought that would change. Now I'm like a Cleveland Browns fan sitting in a sub zero stadium watching a consistently sub 500 team, talking about Jim Brown, and the good old days. Apple finally did win the battle by being new, less buggy, and continuing it's lack of backward compatibility. In the new "App driven" society, why not? Nobody cares about Quicken for DOS anymore, and basically do most things on a cell phone or a tablet, and if they do have a PC they treat it the same way they do the phone or the tablet.

Members of the CBW look at any improvement to Google Services like Google + or Blogger, and see irreparable damage, but what they should see is a little new and exciting. I open up my Blogger Dashboard now and it did take me a few days to get used to it, but seriously folks, I feel like I finally entered the 21st century. The old system was pretty much the same since the 1990s, not kidding. The new drop down menus on Google + are beautiful, easy to navigate, and finally organized. I've come to believe the reasons that the new Google + has it's drawbacks is because of backward compatibility and am looking forward to its demise. On the other hand if you are still a member of the CBW you can look at it this way, Google + may not be what you remember but it is still, free, ad-free and often drama-free. Can't say that about Facebook, and you'd be lying if you didn't admit that the Google + changes are far more tolerable than what Facebook puts you through every few months. While you're at it, try running 10 gigs of content on a Wordpress site like I do on Blogger. Some things never change, thank God.

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