Thursday, July 14, 2016

Battleplans, an App that is not taking the world by storm

I Almost Got One.
Being a licensed tech weenie means taking trends seriously. Keeping my fingers on the pulse of IT. Paying attention to hot new apps. So, when news came down the line about Pokemon Go, I grabbed my iPhone and started playing BattlePlans. I don't really know anything about Pokemon, and have no desire to walk around staring at my phone. That way leads to broken screens, broken limbs, and abject humiliation.

Besides, BattlePlans is addictive. It is a lot simpler than most of the "war game" apps. There are no extensive build and upgrade requirements. Yes, you do need to mine gold, and harvest what seems to be pearls to maintain your fighting ability. And you need what I think are gems to buy more heroes but there are no supply huts, farms, hospitals, and the seemingly endless variety of buildings. You just get to play.

You choose your target, ride in on giant sea turtles, and attack. And here is where the fun lies. While attacking you can control, kind of, your troops actions. As the battle unfolds targets of opportunity become available. Grab a hero and send them and their troops off to do your bidding.

Of course, occasionally they will get sidetracked. Maybe a battle with the undead offspring of Hero Grimm and you will be stuck yelling at your phone. "It is just a couple of Zombies. Capture that stone and then come back, you moron!!!" But, it won't do you any good. They are "Locked in combat."

There are several battle options. Other players to increase your war ranking. Skull outposts to harvest resources and a third, that I haven't really figured out yet. There are treasure chests scattered around the map, and they are difficult and don't really seem worth the effort. I may try one again and see if it makes more sense. Maybe not though.

There are some problems with the game. Sometimes you will get stuck in a war with people whose troops are far superior and you will stand no chance. But, when the war is over the game will apologize and move you to a lower level.

With any game the players who don't mind spending real money to get pretend money will advance much quicker. I say let them. It seems silly to get a free game and then spend money to play. I plod along at my own cost free pace, collect my gold, my pearls and my gems.

Pokemon Go is a huge success, and I may end up downloading it. But, BattlePlans is a little app that is flying under the radar, and you should give it a shot. Dr. Dawg says It Rocks.