Thursday, April 14, 2016

Technology Saves the Day.

This is a post that was difficult to place, it could have been in many places, but, since this is basically about a piece of technology this seemed as good as any.

For Christmas I got a fitbit Surge. A watch, really. But it is a watch that counts your steps, cool. And it is a watch that counts how many flights of steps you climb, wow. Also, it tells you how many miles you walked, calories you burned, what your heart rate is, what your resting heart rate is. This thing is like an addiction.

At first it was kind of a pleasant distraction, "oh look, I took 10,000 steps today, and climbed 19 flights of steps. Isn't that nice."

But, then it kind of takes over. I find myself putting a cart full of boxes on the elevator and racing up the stairs to meet it. Instead of waiting until several things are needed at once I will go grab individual items, making several trips.

And since it syncs with an app on my phone it emails me when I have reached certain milestones. Plus it gives me the option to brag about them on Facebook and Twitter. And, I do, with gusto.

It has been a life changing accessory. Of course it does a lot of things I haven't figured out yet, like diet, and sleep tracking, but one step at a time, or thousands of steps at a time, maybe.

Unfortunately it won't count torturous, terrible endless hours on the stair climber machine at the gym as climbing stairs, or think of the boasting. But, nothing is perfect, right?

In short, if you are thinking about getting in shape, and think a fifbit might help, and you have a compulsive, slightly obsessive personality (not that I do) you are right. It makes life a game, where you are the ultimate winner, no matter what, because you are healthier. Plus. if you work with slugs it will give you endless opportunities to gloat. And you win again.