Saturday, April 23, 2016

An app from a galaxy far, far away.

Yesterday I posted a picture of myself in Jedi robes, with a light saber and an Imperial storm steps to improve computer performance. Since technology and I have such a difficult relationship I only tried a few of these things. It was the result of a "spring cleaning" of my virtual world. I read, on,

One of them was "Zap Your Apps." I am a shameless collector of apps, well, sometimes I am a little ashamed. Most times I collect them with the zeal of a politician hustling delegates in a tight primary race. Obviously this seemed like a good place to start.

My addiction to photo and video apps is almost uncontrollable. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is at least 1250 words. With the right app I can squeeze 1103 and 1437 respectively.*

About a year ago I found this app that would allow me to take Star Wars inspired theme "selfies." Of course, it does other things. But it was the chance to have those "selfies" that inspired the download (I don't remember if it was free or not).

Unfortunately, technology and I are not friends. So, taking "selfies" is a feat I can only accomplish on rare occasions. I shake, or the phone moves, or the light is too bright, they almost never work. I am helpless when faced with the need for a steady hand and a steely gaze.

So, I decided either the app would work, or it would be deleted. After several attempts I had a decent photo, even my coworker said "Yeah, that is ok." High praise indeed.

So I kept the app. and will add several Star Wars pictures, and try a few other options. Plus, I will share them with you. So, you can glory in my technological wizardry. Won't that be fun?

I can always delete those productivity apps, after I am done taking pictures of myself, and a few friends.

*Only rough estimates, final numbers will be published on conclusion of scientific studies too complex to explain.