Thursday, February 4, 2016

Two Apps, and a journey,

Whacko Tech Weenie World Excitement today. Two new apps. One kind of a video picture hybrid sort of thing, that I am still figuring out. And one which seems to be a daily journal, social media share app that I am still figuring out. But, we are planning a covert op into the lair of the beast this weekend, the Tanger Outlet Mall in Jeffersonville, which should provide plenty of opportunity for graphic experimentation.

PicPlayPost is an app I have had my eye on for quite a while. There is no real explanation for the appeal, it isn't like there is any real use for this app. But, it is just a great idea.

Open the app, choose a layout (from dozens of choices), add pictures, slide shows, and videos, and you are on your way to a masterpiece.

You can sequence them to play in the order that makes most sense. Add a soundtrack, and viola' cinematic perfection, or at least a story, in a new way, and that is enough, right

Here is my first, rough, unorganized, but well loved attempt.

Momento is one of the free apps I got from Starbucks, I haven't really used it yet. But, it has a lot of options. Notes, pictures, posting, all you could want, and more. Perfect for all of those moments in life, or organizing thoughts into a coherent blog post, hey that is a great idea. But, to make my first Pic Play Post video I had to download and try three different video editing apps. until I found the right one (VideoEffects, more on that later). So I will learn more about Momento (and VideoEffects) and have a full report soon. Now you have something to live for.

Again, thanks from all of us, at the Tech Whacko Weenie World. Remember out motto, "it's all right now, in fact it's a gas." If you have any questions let us know, we like to think we can answer any tech query, even about things we don't understand, at all.