Saturday, February 13, 2016

Movie # 1

Today's entry in the field of "movies not quite ready for public viewing, and maybe never will be," is the blockbuster hit starring a robot, a dog, and "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by the fantastic surf guitar king Dick Dale.

This is just the first incarnation. If you find this a little boring, and nobody could blame you if you did, you might want to take a few days off from reading the blog.

If you enjoy the movie, don't worry, by the time I'm finished it will make you a little nauseous. It is
the way I roll, find a good idea, and keep using it until it goes bad.

This one was made using Cute Cut, with contributions from Animation CreatorStrip Designer, and Cut and Place, and probably several others, but I can't think of them right now.

The next version will be from iMovie. It may be a different movie, with a different cast, but I doubt it, the cast is assembled the script is written and who wants to come up with a whole new plan.

Pop the corn, have a huge glass of sugary soft drinks, almost more costly than several of the cars I've owned and enjoy the movie, there are more coming.