Thursday, January 14, 2016

It All Finally Comes Together

One of the most significant things in my life is health, or more to the point proper diet and exercise. Unfortunately like just about everyone else I have a hard time keeping it all sorted out in my head. Well honestly I could keep it all in my head were I not a scatterbrain, so what I have managed to do is keep moderate track of my diet and exercise to the best of my ability, and use some Android apps to try and keep it all together. This brings up what has been a pretty big problem in the app world, as some apps are really great at doing certain things, incomplete at others, while at the same time still being better than all of the other all-in-one apps.

Needless to say I have talked at length about My Fitness Pal which is the best calorie counter in the business. Nothing compares to it at all and proper diet starts at the calorie level. It is also pretty good at tracking the calories that you burn doing cardio, but doesn't do a lick of good if you are an anaerobic exercise junkie like myself. I was able to just work on my diet with My Fitness Pal when necessary, but during the gain cycles that a bodybuilder needs to do, it was pretty useless. I started using a great app lately called FitNotes (sorry folks only for Android) which was excellent at pushing my limits as far as my workouts went. What was also great was it would post my workouts to Google + so people could egg me on to do more. Again, two great apps with no link to each other at all, and neither one could do what the other one does.

Well last week I finally found the answer to all of the apps that I use. It's called UA Record. UA stands for Under Armour and the UA Record isn't just a diet and exercise app, it is a diet and exercise community that happens to link all these things together. Think of it this way (or what got me to start using it anyway) it will link to My Fitness Pal (also owned by Under Armour) while at the same time linking to FitNotes, and better than that it will actually tell you the calories burned by anaerobic exercise and add it into your My Fitness Pal diet plan. Now if you are in a gain cycle you actually have a basis to up your calories that My Fitness Pal alone wouldn't give you. That wasn't even the best of it all, it will also sync with your smart watch through it's native program to count your walking calories burned too. Another thing My Fitness Pal and FitNotes wouldn't do.

The best part of all of this is, unlike a Facebook or even a Google + or Twitter, the community that uses UA Record immediately started liking and encouraging my daily updates. Often we like to post workout results to say Facebook and most people don't care. It gets a bit discouraging, but again there are a lot more things than working out going on there. On UA Record, you are basically there for health, and the help and encouragement was instantaneous. It was hard to beat, and whats more important, the UA Record app is about as easy to use as I have seen out there. If you are into health and you want to start keeping track of your calories, burn, workout and just about everything else, then you NEED UA Record.

If you need encouragement and a friendly face feel free to add me as a friend on either My Fitness Pal or UA Record, just look for jeremycrow4fitness and I promise to add you back!