Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A new gym and a new app

Recently I joined a much larger gym. It was not really a choice, my small, free gym was closed for renovation, and when it opened there would be a fee. Grabbing the bull by the horns (which is normally not a very good idea, in fact it is probably a very bad idea, and should only be done linguistically where the chance of being gored is minimal) I joined the parent gym. It was a great move.

There are all these weights and machines, and equipment, and it is great. But, it is a little overwhelming. At the small gym the options were so limited that it was a breeze to keep track of my workouts.

"Machine 6 = 80 pounds 12 reps, 90 pounds 12 reps, 110 pounds 8 reps"*

Now, though, there are at least thirty different resistance machines, some with dozens of options, and free weights, with different benches and machines, and cardio equipment galore. I had no idea what I did last time.

Some people carry notebooks, clipboards, workout schedules. But, taking notes, and keeping track of stuff is not a strength. In fact, it is not even a weakness, it is more like a black hole, it is a void, a vacuum, in my list of abilities, which I would post here if I had any idea where the list was.

But, I always have my phone, it is my connection to the world. It is where I carry Janis (Joplin), Bob (Dylan), Jerry (Garcia), Jimmy (Henrix), Jim (Morrison) John (Fogerty)... as is plain to see, I am responsible for a lot of history, and I know where it is all the time.

So, following the lead of +Jeremy Crow the Workout Whacko without peer, I downloaded a fitness app. "Full Fitness," from Merhdad Mehrain. It is great. It tracks my workouts, allows for the addition of custom exercises, and also provides visual and text cues for proper form.

I am still figuring it out, but this is a game changer. If you are exercising, or thinking about starting you should get an app. Maybe not this one, there are a lot of choices. It makes things so much easier.

*something like that, anyway.