Friday, November 20, 2015

More news from the world of Apps,

Today we will discuss time. Time is an important component of our societal responsibilities. There are so many requirements. Almost all of which have some element of time. It is a maddening fact of life, time controls almost every thing we do.

Most companies require you to be to work at a certain time, and spend a fairly specific amount of time there. Certainly, they would be happier if you spent the time you are there performing the functions expected. However, they will give you a small pass if you do the work expected in the time allotted.  Then you are, in some companies, free to pursue other ways to spend your time.

When the time comes you are free to leave. Quitting time, a special time, a magical time. And then,if you are lucky, you have some free time, at least between dinner time and bed time, for some fun. A little time for yourself, or your family. Also known as quality time.

Lately there have been several suggestions for apps to track how I spend my time popping up on my Facebook wall. At first it seemed interesting, until I thought about it. Then I decided no, not only no, but $#@*# No.

What kind of lunacy is this? Why would anybody need that information. What insight could you glean from finding out you had spent 17.35 hours trying to beat "Due Diligence" in Warfare Inc. and still have to find a way to raid the Free Radical base, while protecting your mining operation, and accruing 20,000 credits. Gawd knows it should be easy, the Free Radicals are just a bunch of whiny, inept criminals who can't even get along with each other long enough to build a real army.

So, my advice, skip the efficiency time tracking app, and download Warfare Inc. developed by Spiffcode. A real time strategy game of asset development, management, and allocation, with a good amount of warfare built in to the play.

It is not a button mashing arcade game, closer to a strategic thinking, movement and long term planning.

It is a lot of fun, somewhat challenging, and free. You can't go wrong. I have been playing it for years, and still have not gotten to the end.