Sunday, October 25, 2015

Reminiscing about today

What do you think that we'll reminisce about when thinking back to technology in 2015? What will we tell the younger people at work when we are assuring them that they "don't know they're born"?

Will it be how there was no direct synaptic link to the Internet, and that everyone had to carry around a magic rectangle in their pockets?

Will it be about how people still had a big boxy computer sat at home, running something called "Windows", and that you might have to wait up to an entire minute before you could use it?

Will it be about the UI - about what a mouse was?

Personally, I think it'll be about mobile internet.

Mobile internet is a bit rubbish, let's be honest.  You can be in the middle of a massive city, with mobile towers all around, pumping everything full of radiation.  Your phone may say that it has a full perfect signal.

Can you send a tweet though?  Of course not, apparently although your phone has signal, it must be the wrong sort of signal, perhaps it's the wrong colour or something.

And so the search for wifi starts.

In coffee shops, in bars, restaurants, trains,  hotels, and particularly at conferences, wifi is an essential necessity of life, almost as important as coffee.  No conference in particular would be complete without free wifi and a particular hashtag (#S&MCON15 anyone?) to mark the event, even though the only people tweeting will be the organisers, one of the sponsors, and one or two of the more tech savvy speakers there.

We'll reminisce about how sometimes you would find the holy grail aka an open wifi network, only to discover when you connect that it asked for your credit card details.

And of course we'll talk about battery life, and how we had to plug our magic rectangles into the wall (where the electricity lives) every day otherwise they would stop working.  Not only that, but we would have to use the right plug, otherwise they wouldn't work, and whenever you cleared your house out you would discover half a dozen obsolete adaptors that are of no use because they were specifically designed for a phone that was on sale for three months seven years ago.

We're gonna have some good times.

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