Monday, September 21, 2015

Football, it is hard on the thumbs and the nerves.

I watch my sons play Madden football on the Xbox. The graphics are amazing, and the choice of options are dizzying. Flipping through formations, and various choices, finally settling on the play. Only to call an audible. And then they either yell in joy or scream in rage.

One time my sister-in-law and her husband gave me a Nintendo 64. It had a game called Techmo Bowl. It was amazing. Previously the football games I played used little blips to represent the players. Techmo Bowl had real shapes that resembled football players, and the teams matched the strength of the franchise they represented. It was fantastic.

You could snap the ball, and choose between a couple of options, and run as fast as your thumb would carry you to the end zone. This was progress, technology serving mankind.

I tried to play Madden on the Xbox, it might have been the last one, who knows, and it is a burden. So many choices, so many different lineups, and then what seems to be hundreds of choices of where to throw the ball. Lines, and numbers, and letters everywhere, and that is before you even snap the ball.

You have to check the defense, and see how they are lined up. Maybe there is a weakness to be exploited, maybe they have called a "zone blitz," or a "cover two" and you need to react accordingly. My sons are calling odd alpha numeric statements, like mathematical operations.

What?!!? Is this a game, or a pop quiz????  But, then the ball is in play, and the pressure is terrible. Both sons screaming bizarre commands, something from a exorcism. "RT, dad, RT," "Press X, press X!" "Too late, run for it, left, left, cut up, back right," I am still looking for the X button, and have been sacked, injured and fumbled the ball. My sons forgive me, outwardly anyway.

Hey, this is fun, I can see why you guys enjoy this so much. I can't wait until the basketball game is released.