Thursday, September 10, 2015

Blockwick 2 Don't Download It, It Is Too Much Fun.

There are few things that make me happier than a new app. One of the things that falls in the "makes me happier than a new app" category is a new app that is free. And when that new app is free and powerfully, addictively fun I am almost in paradise. Blockwick 2 falls into all three categories.

Of course, it is not free normally, but thanks to Starbucks it was free for a week. If you drink Starbucks coffee you should download their app, it is convenient, and even if you don't drink their coffee (and I do, I like coffee, and Starbucks are almost everywhere) you should download the app, just for the free stuff you get, like Blockwick 2 a game that normally cost $4.99.

This game is wonderful. It is a puzzle game, based on moving blocks around a confined, oddly shaped space so like colors are touching. It sounds simple, and sometimes it is. Sometimes it is fiendishly difficult though.

There are stages where certain blocks are locked into place, you can tell because the look like they have rivets in the corners, I find that amusing, but am not sure why.

And there is no device to rotate the blocks, just move them up and down or side to side. It is maddening, frustrating, time killing fun.

I am not sure it is a good idea to put a game like this on a device that is so easily hurled against against a wall. There are times the thought creeps into your head, but when solution is found it slips quietly away.

Walking every day after lunch is one of my fitness choices, but if I load this game I have to walk a little faster to get my steps in, "just one more puzzle," I promise. And it is time to pick up the pace. Maybe I should start carrying something heavy, then I could add one more puzzle.

If you can spare $5.00 check it out, but don't blame me I warned you.