Saturday, September 5, 2015

And the fight is on.

It is with gusto that I announce a huge showdown with that soccer loving, tea drinking, Englishman +Mike Raven. of The Blog of Thog. It is hard to really put enough emphasis on +Mike Raven when it is being typed so please go back to the beginning of the post and read it again, and when you say Mike Raven kind of spit it out with a contemptuous sneer.*

We are going to extol the virtues of our respective political process, and the relative value of a Prime Minister, and House of Commons, compared to a President and Houses of Congress.

"What does this have to do with technology?" you might ask. Well, I am getting there, have a little faith, have I ever let you down?

We are going to add a video, and everybody knows how much I love my video apps. In fact I have downloaded several new apps for the occasion, one is "Vont," form the makers of "Phonto" an app I learned about from the very intelligent, and technically proficient +Rahul Singh.

The balloon is going up in two weeks, approximately, we are still negotiating the details, Mike can drive a very difficult bargain, so I will let you know for sure. But, you might want to stock up on snacks, and drinks, and maybe a good book, who knows. You could also try binge watching an old television show, which is a lot more satisfying than it sounds.

*Actually, I like Mike quite a bit, and admire him as a blogger, and a human. He is one of my first and best blogging friends, and he is a fellow Whacko. but for the sake of good trash talking I am forced to say awful things, so Mike, don't take it personally.

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