Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ah, the sweet smell of anger.

Big news on the tech front, Apple has released iOS 9 for the iPhone, and iPad. It offers serious multitasking abilities, and really beefs up the built in apps. Plus it adds a new features to Siri, there is no word on whether she will be more patient with people who miss an occasional turn. Also, there was a significant change to the root system that will provide a more seamless interaction with the device, and will improve power use extending battery life. I am Whackos everywhere are rejoicing.

But the big news: Facebook is going to add a Dislike button. This is huge! Now when someone posts something so stupid that you can't just ignore it, you can "dislike" it.

Imagine Christmas dinner with your extended family after a year of telling them just how you feel about their vacation pictures from the vast wasteland. Bunch of morons, anyway.

Think about the people at work when they find out how you really feel about their stamp collection, or their porcelain cats, salt and pepper shaker collection, wildlife hikes, or home made pesto.

Finally, you can show the world what you think of all the lame crap. It will be great.

Of course, there are plans to add an "I hate you" button, "You are no kin of mine" option, and the most widely anticipated "I want a divorce, you worthless, stinking loser" post.

There is a new dawn rising up angry in the sky. And it is only the beginning. What a great day to be a jerk! Just kidding, I like you all.