Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Oh no, not another new Photo App. Yes, "oneminute" wow that goes fast.

If there is one thing that we, here at Life Explained (and I do apologize for the shameless self promotion) love it is the fast paced challenge of a creative dead line. Time running short, back to the wall, adrenaline fueled, all or nothing throw down, oh man, that is living. So, when we found out about this app called "oneminute" we were geeked, jacked, filled with hellish, barely controllable excitement.

It comes with a simple premise. Your phone, which is your camera, and constant companion anyway, signals that the minute has started, and you have sixty seconds to take a picture. And then you scramble like a crazy person to find the best photo you can in sixty seconds, which seems like no time at all when you are trying to find the right photo opportunity. And you think, "this is insane, I have to climb to the top of the nearest building and snap a photo of the street light with the police car in the background, that would be so cool."

But, you only have 32 seconds left, and there are no ladders, and the wall looks really high, and straight up, and filled with windows, that are not really inset enough for a good foot hold, and now you are down to 17 seconds, and you end up snapping a picture of the fire hydrant, because the rust patterns look a little like Santa Claus.

And all around the world people are doing the same thing. Because that is the beauty of this app. It gives you sixty seconds, and no more, (and you can't start it later, the time is now) to take a picture, and when you look at the results it is a little like magic. People everywhere have shared a little slice of their life with you. Simple, yet fantastic.

Admittedly, the narrow aspect of the pictures is a little odd. But, in the end, it is fun to see what other people are seeing, from Arizona, to Canada to New Zealand, to Bulgaria, to Estonia, to Spain, and now Ohio. Who knows, it might help us understand each other a little.

Sure, sometimes the notice comes and you can't snap a photo, sleep is a good reason, but when you can it is a game that you always win. It is available for iOS and Android, and bone head simple to operate, but still adds incredible complication to your life, and it is great.

Do we, here at Life Explained, recommend this app. Heck yeah, if you can handle the pressure, and  the fun, which is not always easy, either.