Friday, August 14, 2015

Matter the App, get it, you'll love it.

All right, just one more photo app, I promise.* "Matter" the app is kind of special though because it can add a lot of "trippy" effects to a photo, with guitar.**

I just downloaded the app, (last week, hey I've been busy). but it has more features than I have managed to figure out.  Essentially, you take a picture, or use one from your camera roll. And add a moving image in front of it.

Of course, you can add music, if you want, and make the animation react to the music, in varying degrees.

With some of the animations you can impose a picture. Which does add some color, and texture.

OK, I am not sure this has any has practical, real world applications. I never let practical get in the way of fun. Practical, useful crap is fine, but there are a lot of posts about those already. It is Friday, let's have some fun.

Of course, it could have some very useful applications, you will need to ask some one else, or come up with them yourself. What am I, your counselor. Sometimes I can't believe you, I dig and download and try new apps to bring you fresh new diversions. Working around the clock, until my back aches, and my fingers are sore, and I am exhausted, and then you want to know if it has any practical uses...

Oops, sorry about that.

Anyway, here are two examples of this apps potential. Both are from pictures on my phone, one has the animation reacting to the music, with a picture in the animation (vote for Dr. Dawg***), and the Morning Show is stable and uses the stock animation.

There are numerous shapes, and many ways to animate them. Adjustable shadows, and infinite color combinations. It is really an amazing app. I like it more just writing about it.

By the way, I should thank the Ozark Mountain Daredevils for "Beauty in the River," in the first animation, and Johnny Rivers for "Secret Agent Man," in the second.

This app is free on the App Store. It does have some in app purchases, but these are made with the free version.

Next time I will write about a new game, but I just got it this morning so that would have been a little premature today.

*Not really, I love being able to manipulate photos, and having a camera with me all the time may be the greatest gift the gods of technology ever provided.

**It doesn't have to be just a guitar, it can be part of a whole song, this is only a small tribute the Clash. Whose song "Know Your Rights" has one of my favorite lines from any song. "This is a public service announcement, with guitar." Besides it is a cool song, from a great album, by a fantastic band.

*** This subliminal message bought to you by The Doctor Dawg For President Secret Organization.