Sunday, August 16, 2015

Font Candy, it is kind of sweet.

Today, we are going to talk about "Font Candy" from Easy Tiger Apps. Yes it is another app for manipulating images, but only sort of, and it is available on Windows Store. I was searching for an app that would make emoticons from a favicon. And this might do the job. Depending on how much time you have. You would need to take a screenshot, and use the crop tool, and save it as a picture file. Of course, the size might be a problem, but I am still working that out.

But, being technologically inept I am not really sure where to find favicons, or what they are, and a google search kind of left me stumped, so +Richard G. Stevens if you send me a picture of your Favicon I will see if it will work.

But this is a great little app with tons of potential. It is simple, and available on Windows, the App Store, and probably the Google Play store (hey, I can't do everything, for you). If you don't want to do anything too serious. And, normally I don't. So, it is perfect, kind of, for me.

Mostly it is a way to make your own "memes" but, it makes it pretty easy.

You take a picture, add art, text, and one of several filters, art elements, and borders, and boom you are done. It is easy, flexible, and like most apps I am reviewing it before I have really learned much about it. It comes with several sayings but you can make your own, which is fun.

Yes, there are dozens of apps that will do the same thing, and yes there are there ways to do all this without an app, and yes, I wish I had a third yes, and yes I don't. But, this one is free (with in app purchases) and you can put it on a Windows purchase, and that was the single criterion for this search.

So, we close with the announcement of our New Life Explained Greeting Card line. Perfect for when you want to say something, but you are not sure what, to somebody but you are not sure who. Plus, we take custom orders, if we are awake, you aren't too worried about the quality, we aren't Hallmark, you know.

So, put in your order now, or better yet, download the app, and make your own.