Sunday, August 9, 2015

An App to Save the Day.

All right, I want to let you guys in on a little secret. Make sure we keep this between us, because it has all of the potential to be huge, enormous, and we have the potential to get in on the ground floor. Apparently, someone, somewhere is designing a set of symbols to include in messages. Little faces used to express emotion.

Emoticons is their official name, the street term is Emoji (from the Latin; Emo meaning "What you feel," Ji meaning "expressed by little round faces") Anyway, there is going to be a line of them, covering emotions from anger to sorrow, joy, to crippling indecision, indifference to rapture, overwhelming, terrible anguish to casually amused. All summed up in one tiny, round face. If a picture is worth a thousand words then one of these little faces will count for at least a paragraph.

Of course, it is kind of limiting if you have to settle for someone else's emotions expressed through the little, round face. How can anybody else understand the torment in your soul, the agony of your situation. They can't, they have never been there.

Here is where things get good. Thanks to Emoticon*, the app, you can build your own. Getting ready to reply to a snotty email from a coworker, let one of these little beauties say it for you.**

Corporate communication will be much more concise, clear, and less likely to be misunderstood.  Here is your chance to get ahead of this ground swell of communicative success and clarity.

So, jump on board, get yourself an app. and start communicating. And when all of your jealous co-workers start trying to emulate you, send them a teary, sad face with while you walk away smiling.

* Here, I need to mention +Ry Bell  whose free app of the day provided this and many other little jewels, that I use and love. You should check it out.

** For the sake of honesty, the speech bubbles were added by a completely different app.