Thursday, July 30, 2015

Trello, Wunderlist, and Learning, A Journey.

I have a friend who is very smart, very successful, and very organized.  She uses lists to keep track of her many assignments and responsibilities. Being a middle aged, maybe middle aged +, person, I assume the successful, smart ship has probably already left the station, and is heading down the backroads of the American Dream.* But, it is never too late to add a little organization, right.

Off to the University of Internet, and I found Wunderlist. A very useful tool, with a lot of good reviews. But, man is it complicated. I trudged through, made a few lists, one I am particularly proud of and still working on is "Life Explained, the Movie," it has all of the scenes laid out and is very nice, and will make one heck of a movie, and you are all invited to the Oscar acceptance party, but we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves. Anyway, I still haven't figured out how to use all of the features. But, I am clawing my way to mediocrity, one confusing feature at a time.

When I started going to the gym I decided it was time to figure this out. It would be a great way to track my progress on the different resistance machines. A concrete, complete proof of progress. But, I had no idea what to call each machine, and didn't want to admit my complete lack of knowledge by asking somebody. No problem, a picture in place of the name and all was good. Unfortunately, Wunderlist doesn't seem to allow pictures as part of the list. Back to the internet.

Trello does allow pictures and has "cards"and "labels" and all sorts of really cool features. It is a robust complete list making machine. But, it is so complicated, I can't even figure out how to read the instructions. But, I have managed to assemble one very nice list with the details of a "boxing drama documentary" that is sure to make me rich. If I can figure out how to find it again.

And the fight is on.

Anyway, one day I said to myself, "You moron, you would be better off using a puddle of dung, and a pointy stick!" I can be kind of jerk.

So, I answered myself, "you know, you are right. How about we use that new pen, with four colors, that my wife gave us?" I can be decent, too.

"Hey, that's a great idea, and we have that new notebook, with the Dr. Seuss quote on the cover." I was on a roll.

"You know, you are pretty smart," I said, "maybe I should buy you a beer." Things were looking up.

"OK, but, I am a married man." I joked.

"Me too," I replied.

Being responsible, and a caring husband I called my wife, telling her I would be a little late, I had an important business meeting.

"Oh my God, have you been talking to yourself again?" She is so suspicious.

Anyway, both Trello and Wunderlist, are great apps, both are available at the App Store, and Google Play, but Wunderlist is also available for  , and will do all you want, and I do plan to learn how to use both of them. But, it won't be easy. So, grab one today, start organizing your life, you will be happy.

*I am an experienced blogger, please do not try these metaphors at home, unless you have a spotter.