Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Make That Laptop MORE Useful

I like to keep my eyes on KickStarter for what we can expect to see more of in the future. Some things are really stupid, some things are quite brilliant, and other things are somewhere in between, but still something someone should have thought of by now. One of the gems that I saw this morning is a product called Slidenjoy which is exactly what I needed before I left the laptop for the tablet. It may be too late for it, but then again it may be the thing to get people to pull out their often unused laptops, and slide the tablet in the bag.

You see Slidenjoy is simply a second or third monitor for your laptop, which is nothing new I assure you but these little beauties actually attach to your laptop and fold out in a multitude of ways. They are light, and come in 3 different sizes, 13 inch, 15, inch and 17 inch which should mesh with anyone’s laptop out there. The USB that it attaches to also powers the monitors so you can kiss all the power cables good bye as well, although I can assume that they will kill your battery pretty quickly, so the laptop’s power cord will be one you can’t leave home without.

In the picture above (which made me the most intrigued) you can see the benefits of sitting at a conference table and having a display on each side of the table so that everyone can view, while you sit on the other side instead of out in the open, as happens at most meetings. Most people of course will use it for a mega-panoramic view, which I can understand. I’m definitely not ready to plunk down the money necessary to get one of these things (or pull the laptop out of the closet, and discard the tablets) but some day when these things make it to production, you never know.

If you would like to learn more about Slidenjoy the KickStarter page is located here: