Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Don't Stop Moving Baby Viggle Viggle

Has anyone else noticed this all out advertising blitz by a company called Viggle lately? I listen to talk radio all day, and every commercial break there is an ad for Viggle. “Do you want to get free stuff just for listening to music? Then download Viggle and get great stuff FREE!” and so on and so forth the advertisements go. I went around the internet and took a look at what others had to say about Viggle, and it wasn’t very good. I personally figured that it couldn’t be since all that advertising during radio, free aps on my cell and everywhere else that they seem to be going after the consumer could only mean one thing, there isn’t much left for you.

I want to take you all back to the golden days of the internet, when the world was a great place, yes before that evil George W Bush was elected, and the streets were paved with gold because Bill Clinton was president. I lived the last year of the 20th century as a lot of people did. I had a website that served information, and I had advertising all over it. Companies like Pets.Com were huge on the stock market and they were paying top dollar for website space. There were special browsers that you could download that promised you money “just for browsing the web” and let’s face it we were all doing that anyway, on our slick as crap 56k modems. The browsers with all of the ads slowed everything down A LOT, but we were accumulating all of that free cash, or were we?

Yes folks, I know that we all remember when the earth stood still. The stock market completely bombed out, and sorry to tell you it was before GW came into office. I know this because all of that money I had accumulated from website revenue, and all of that slow browsing with the crappy browsers, went poof. So did all those companies that owed me money. It made me bitter and it closed down my website. Of course I was luckier than most, the thousands of dollars that I was owed by advertisers and browsers and whatnot didn’t bankrupt me. Yes I was one of the lucky ones because I was able to just close up shop and wash my hands of it all, and go on with my life. I was still pretty bitter, so that is how I look at the “Viggle” ads today.

You see this is where the internet and get rich quick schemes really fall short. Viggle is obviously in that push to get as much money as they possibly can before they fly the coop. The fake economy, we live in now a days, is perfect for trawling those people that are desperate for something, anything to make life a bit easier, or to get something for nothing. In the end will downloading Viggle and using it ruin your life? Of course not, but looking into it a little bit before you use it will teach you a little about how people can be herded into something that looks a lot like work, and has very little benefit. To the buyer beware, especially if you are after something for nothing, the streets are never actually paved with gold.

Still not convinced? That picture up top is an actual ad that has been going around Facebook. I look at it and say, yeah right! Others looked at it and then went and put all their personal information into an online form, and then got that fake coupon. PT Barnum was correct and it still applies today.