Monday, July 20, 2015

Cheaters Never Prosper

One of the things that people really learn to loath about me is my self-righteousness. I can actually understand this, because there is nothing worse than someone (like me) who often has an opinion and we believe that we are so right that we will defend that opinion to the very gates of Hell. It doesn’t mean I am going to change because life is what you make of it and if you don’t stand for something then you are prone to fall for everything. Something happened this week which is pure candy to a self-righteous ass like myself and I want to get this out there so that those that don’t agree with me can be pissed off (I like that) and those that do agree with me can take a victory lap of self-righteousness.

It appears that Ashley Madison has been hacked. For those of you who don’t know what Ashley Madison is, it is a website dedicated to married people who would like to have an affair but don’t want it to ruin their marriage. As a self-righteous ass I believe that when you have gotten to this point you have ruined your marriage regardless of whether your spouse knows or not. In this case you happen to be a lying cheater as well as a horrible spouse, but I digress. The sources are doing damage control and explaining it all away, but there have got to be countless thousands of lying, cheating married folks out there that are sweating it out right now, and they should. You see the old saying is, when you order shit you better be prepared to eat shit, and the chances are pretty good that there is a nare do well out there with information you really don’t want out in the open. Boo freaking hoo.

Yes, I have no sympathies here, and there is even a part of me that is thinking, “What did you expect?” because we hear about hacking all the time. Sure getting a bunch of credit cards is nice and all but real value is in having information that could really ruin a person, and there are things that money can’t buy, like say, a happy marriage? This of course brings out the self-righteous ass in me better than anything because who doesn’t deserve a happy marriage? You guessed it, a dirty rotten cheater. I mean I hope to see memes with the evil black cat laughing at all of the Ashley Madison patrons, regardless of what happens to their information. It will always be there in the back of their minds, “Will today be the day?”

Now of course I would like to make this into a form of public service announcement. I mean I really get offended by Ashley Madison. Not because it is out there, because let’s face it people hook up on Craigslist and rest areas at just about every truck stop. What really offends me is when I am watching a television show and a commercial for Ashley Madison comes on. They usually use a remake of a song from School House Rock (God that gets under my skin) and they make it look perfectly normal to step outside the marriage. I am sick of living in that world. Why does this offend me? Because I am watching the show that this commercial comes on during which means they think I am the target audience!

Wrong is wrong folks. Despite the generation of Oprah Winfrey sitting on her couch with base common denominator sitting across from her, and the two of them explaining that it is ok that they are stupid or immoral, as long as they have “feelings” wrong is still wrong. We may love all the television shows that treat base common denominator like heroes (what would HBO or Showtime do otherwise?) but that is television. That is movies. In the real world there aren’t that many people standing in line to explain away your bad behavior if you aren’t a politician.