Friday, July 24, 2015

Are You Ready To Rummmmbbbbblllllleeeeeee?

People who know me would gladly tell you that I am a geek wannabe, a second class nerd. I love technology, and attempt to take advantage of all the great things it allows, with limited success. But, never give up, that's my motto. Don't put too much effort into learning all of the nuances, and features, but don't ever give up, that should really be my motto, but as mottos go that is too long, and makes me sound a little lazy, or a lot lazy.

Anyway, I was looking through the App Store this morning* and ran across an app called "Flipagram." It is a video editing app, and it had some high praise in the reviews, and it looked kind of cool, and it was free. So I got it.

The only purchase was "Change Water Mark Forever" and it was only $1.99, so it isn't like they saved all of the good stuff for premium upgrades. Since I haven't really used the app yet, the water mark may not bother me at all. If it does I will spring for the two bucks and call it good.

Anyway, I have two video apps I like a lot. "iMovie" and "Cute Cut." iMovie was free with my phone, and Cute Cut cost $6.00 (I bought it before I upgraded and got the iMovie free).

Which leads to my dilemma. Which is the best? I don't know. Anybody who has used any of these can please weigh in. I am happy to hear from you. But, tomorrow I am going to the County Fair. While there we are going to watch some boxing, the Manly Art, the sport of kings, depending on your king.

Then I am going to make a video from the pictures, and the videos, too. I will try to use the unique features from each (provided there are any unique features), a really cool song, then post them here. And you, all of you wonderful, delightful Whackos can help me choose which is best. Won't that be fun. Of course it will.

My apologies to Mr. Crow here, I am an iPhone user, and have too much money invested in apps to ever change. I like Android, but, it is too late for me, save yourself.