Monday, June 1, 2015

Surface to Air Typewriter Part II

Well now I am about nine months into the horrible Surface II experiment. I probably shouldn’t call it an experiment anymore at this point, but it really is the only way I have to deal with a bad decision. I wasn’t happy with my decision to buy a Surface and I made that known when I wrote the first Surface to Air Typewriter blog, back in January. After three months of dealing with a bad mistake, I figured I would talk about the only thing the Surface was good for, which was typing. After nine months I am just frustrated and angry which is why I am not someone looking at a Surface III or even a Windows PC anytime in the near future.

One of the really annoying things about the Surface that most people will note is the way it seems to constantly need updating. When you finally say to yourself that you are going to make another stab at making the thing useful, you have to wait about 10 minutes for it to go through the process of updating itself. Once the update is complete there appears to be nothing improved about it. Several things I was hoping would be improved or at the very least worked out haven’t been fixed and I have pretty much given up on them. For example the bulk of what I would want this thing for is updating blogs on the fly. The Windows Explorer that comes with it is almost completely incompatible with Blogger, so even if it will load it is so slow it is just aggravating, and unproductive. I’ve used my Android phone to update a blog on a 3G connection faster than the Surface on WIFI. Think about that for a moment?

Now of course, no other browsers have made an RT compatible option (no Chrome, no Mozilla, no Opera, no anything) but just to search for any of the other browsers to try and get them to work on the Surface will give you a slew of e-books (for sale) on how to use those browsers. Of course the Microsoft store will sell me e-books that I can use on anything but a Surface. How messed up is that? The Internet Explorer that comes on RT doesn’t work very well on any of the sites I would like to browse on a tablet either. In other words, it is a pretty useless tablet, especially when you consider all of the other things that don’t work very well on it. No Instagram client, the Facebook client for it is just crap (even by Facebook standards) and when you get right down to it you SHOULD keep this in mind when you consider a Surface III or any of the new versions of Windows. With Windows more obsessed with becoming light and cloud based to compete with Android, you are completely at risk of having something that may never be useful.

If I were to be honest I think I was just caught in a war between my own ego, and the fact that companies are finally getting even with Microsoft. If this trend is to continue then you don’t want to get stuck in this mire either. I’m not an Apple guy but I can see why Apple dominates the market now. They have no consumer competition from Microsoft and the companies that went the Android route are still fragmented for the most part in their own projects, which don’t always mesh together. It reminds me of when PALM started falling apart. Yeah I miss my PALM devices too, but when they finally went around the twist you were stuck with unsupported crap. Hewlett Packard came in and bought the remnants and sold them off as flimsy old relics of something that people had wholly forgotten. I see HP spending a lot of time with the new Microsoft ideas too, so keep that in mind too, unless you want a typewriter that isn’t really compatible with anything that costs about $300 more than a good Android tablet with a keyboard. I wish I could go back in time to fix that mistake myself.