Monday, May 18, 2015

Actual Facts and Actually Now

I was a little distressed this morning as I realized that my feed going to my Facebook account for The Whacko Blogs wasn't working. I did a quick diagnostic of sorts, looking at the feed and figuring out what feeds were “supposedly” being fed out, then going to the Twitter page for The Whacko Blogs, then the LinkedIN page of The Whacko Blogs, and then determining that they were all working fine, and Facebook just isn't accepting the posts. I then ascertained that it was no big deal because my posts on Facebook go wholly unnoticed anyway. This is a LOT of growth for me because at one time an internet fart like this would have paralyzed me at, and in this case I was able to say, “oh well” and go about my day.

Let me explain what “paralyze me” actually means so that you can try and relate to why the “oh well” theory is the best here. In all things Facebook, this could have been the type of thing that I would have obsessed about. At one time I would have considered the feed into Facebook to be the future of my brand, and I couldn't go without my posts being fed over there. I am sure a lot of people look at it that way. I now see Facebook as the past, and more over at times a barrier to my success. Sure I would like to get the reader or two that Facebook can grant me, but at what cost do I chase after a reader or two? Facebook has no investment in my success nor should they. By simply saying “oh well” I could continue to work on my success, or lack thereof, and not get a giant ulcer over something trivial.

For the hour after I realized this issue, I edited seven YouTube videos, proof read a friend of mine’s blog post, wrote my usual brilliance in Blogaholics Anonymous, set the ball rolling for another blog post, fed my dog, took a shower, and made it to work on time. I could have spent that time fighting why Facebook was not accepting my posts, and gotten absolutely none of that done. I have finally put a price tag on my work and effort and Facebook just doesn't factor into that. If you think that it is the final frontier of online publishing then you might be getting yourself lost in quicksand as well. It’s great when it is working right, because there may be little to no effort in it, but please factor in what it means to your brand when it isn't.

This is an interesting clash between the popular opinions of what others will tell you about social media, SEO and the other popular words used that equate to “read what I have written” and probably a lot less to the content of what people are writing. I put a lot more stock in Twitter and Google + than I do Facebook. Facebook might be the “leader” in the social media game, but they have a model that is not friendly to me personally. Now if it works for you, then great. If you have heard all of the rumors about the death of the other two, then that is great too, BUT you may be listening to Apple / Microsoft style spin as well. Ever have a moment where you don’t buy a product because Apple or Microsoft promises to be making a better one, some day? Yeah you missed out on having something NOW for, some day, when you are pissing all over today, and the cool toy or gadget that others have.

Twitter isn't perfect, but I do look at the analytics, and I get about seventeen times the click through ratio on Twitter than I do Facebook. That’s actual facts, and that’s actually now. People like to point out all of the things Google is doing, and how it leads to the death of Google + but they don’t consider that Google has a different business model than Facebook. For example, without having advertising on Google + they couldn't possibly be making money, is a popular reason people come out with for why it is doomed. Google + also just happens to be a million times better for people to get their own content across than Facebook is, and who do you think people go to, to get advertising revenue for their content? If you guessed Google, you are correct. 

As Google watches more and more people come to them for a social platform to get their own “brand” across, they also watch their Adsense platform get more and more revenue. In other words Google DOES have a vested interest in the success of the people who provide them content for Google + and I don’t see them just dumping that platform. I could be wrong, but then again I am living in the NOW, and I am getting new readers everyday that I didn't when I begged Facebook to let me, and they just offered me a place to pay for clicks. If it all goes away some day in the future, then so be it.

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