Thursday, April 2, 2015

Like That New Technology? Better Thank Porn!

Greed is neither a good nor a bad thing, it is simply a motivational tool, and some use it the right way and others use it the wrong way. I’m willing to talk about both, but as it pertains to technology, there is no doubt that greed is the motivation behind all of the good and bad that we have. Think about it this way, but if someone wasn’t making a profit, then you wouldn’t have that new iPhone.

There are other vices that go into the technology that you have, and how it has been marketed has a lot more to do with why you own it, than any sort of grand good that can come of it. You remember how everyone had a VCR at one time? These things were really expensive when they first came out and there was competing technologies that drove the market. The VCR itself was one technology and then we all probably remember the Betamax, which was another technology. The Betamax that Sony had created and marketed for quite a while was a superior format, but the standardization of VHS made it a niche market.

If you were around for it, you knew that the Betamax had such great technology as 4 heads, stereo, and a few other features long before the VCR did, but the VCR was a lot cheaper, and far more widely distributed. The reason for this was a vice bigger than greed, which has always driven the home theater market, pornography. When the porn industry started really pumping out the VCR tapes of porn, it drove the prices of the equipment and the recording media. It also made the standardization of the VCR crush the potential standardization of the Betamax. The end was there, and really only the high end video aficionados stuck it out with the Betamax, until the next big thing came along, the DVD.

Now the DVD was another one of those things that came out of the need for a better way to distribute porn. There was a technology called the Laserdisc which was far superior to the DVD and it had been around for quite a while. I personally was a big fan of the laserdisc and if I hadn’t lost all of my discs and the player in my first divorce I would probably still have a huge library of them. Of course the need for a smaller media was driven, not really by the movie industry, because let’s be real, their greed made them want less media formats, but the greed of the porn industry. In the end who wants laserdiscs the size of record albums flowing through the mail system, potentially embarrassing those that buy porn?

Then of course the breakout of the internet was porn driven. If you really love the internet, and you have nothing to do with porn you still have to thank the porn industry. They were the ones who saw the profit in anonymous digital streaming. They were the ones who invested and drove all of the technology that your favorite movie services use now. You love your Netflix? Send a thank you letter to the porn industry. You like the fact that there is High Definition in your digital streaming? Yep the porn industry got that for you too. You see that goes back to the formats we use for digital now. The movie industry (the people who sell porn but basically call it Hollywood) wanted nothing to do with any digital content. All they saw was the ability to steal intellectual property, and the more technology to do so made them quite angry.

Still wonder how I can make these claims so free of thought and conscience? We all have a Blu-Ray player now. We think it is the greatest of the greatest and the technology behind them is breath taking. Most of them have build in online streaming capabilities, and that has opened up a lot of doors for us too. It was actually Sony getting a bit of revenge on everyone who standardized the VHS tape over their superior Betamax systems. When the need for High Definition came about in our home theaters the Phillips people who brought you the DVD already had the upper hand as they were making what they had hoped would be the new standard, the SDVD or Super DVD. Sony had come out with the Blu-Ray which was as usual a better technology, as the Blu-Ray doesn’t heat up as much as the old Digital Video Rays do. The lemmings in the industry expected the movie industry to just sign off on the SDVD and Sony could pound sand, but as I said before, if you rely on Hollywood’s greed to get your product out there, you are doomed to failure. Sony got it. They marketed their technology to the porn industry, and were standardized within a month of the first case of Blu-Rays full of pornography shipped.