Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Shut Down

I remember a couple of months ago, “The Sky is Falling” crowd were losing their heads over what was apparently the impending doom of Google+ and what it meant for the online world. Many of these people amusingly enough were the same people that spent plenty of days over the years I have seen them railing against people that subscribe to “The Sky is Falling” theories about Google+. I can see why some people would worry about the state of Google+ since the service a wonderful as it is, doesn’t seem to do anything outwardly to generate revenue. Why would Google of all companies have a widely used service that doesn’t have advertisements at the very least, and advertisements are Google’s bread and butter.

I on the other hand was not running around worrying about whether or not Google+ is going anywhere. It’s like people that watch the weather report everyday and try to get a handle on what the weather will be like in five days. God has a glorious sense of humor with these people, because the weather almost never pans out to be what it is supposed to be in five days, but more importantly, the weather is going to happen whether I want it to or not. Why be miserable for the days leading up to something that is out of my control?

I of course felt smug when I told many a person going batsnot crazy over the concept of losing Google+ that they could always go over and get re-acclimated with Facebook. Most of them balked for the same basic reason that I would balk. Facebook doesn’t give me what I want in an online community, and if there are thousands to millions of people online that feel that way as well, then the possibility of Google+ simply disappearing is pretty slim. It may rebrand, it may become something different, but if that many people actually want it, then Google isn’t about to lose that, mostly because someone else will create it in the vacuum that would be left behind if Google folded up shop on Google+. I have no proof of this or insider knowledge but I have logic on my side.

Of course you are probably wondering why I even bring any of this up, other than to show that I am a know it all, but I did have good reason. The Google+ App on my cell phone had a recent update that is completely kick ass. I mean now there is a spinning wheel to let me know that a page is updating (that used to be infuriating) and much smoother transitions between the cards. The animated GIFs now autoload too but you can still turn them off if you want to save bandwidth. It is not only a huge improvement but as usual it makes the Facebook App seem kludgy and unmanageable as always. I was kinda smiling as I thought, “Well if Google is going to close Google+ I am glad they forgot to tell their developers, because this is pretty sweet!”