Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Shave By Any Other Name

Who would think that I would be taking a blog dedicated to technology to discuss something that nobody thinks anything of. If you think about it, the technology is why we go to the store and either pay too much for razors, or get the crappy ones that tear apart our faces. My dilemma started when I fell in love with and married a woman who prefers me to have a clean shaven face, and the cheapskate in me was not going to plunk down the money necessary to shave weekly, much less daily. Worse even is the fact that what I had purchased for razors all along, weren't going to hold up either.

It went like this for me, Bic razors, which ripped the hair out as opposed to cutting it and then twin blades which clogged up every time I used them. Wilkinson is a famous cheap razor brand that finally came out with a palatably priced quad blade razor, and they were worth every penny, as bad as they were. My biggest problem with all razors is the way the hair grows over my lip and no matter what razors I use it just rips the hair and hurts like hell. I finally ordered one of those single blade razors because Rick from Pawn Stars said it shaved his head great, and the handle was so small on it, that it gave me hand cramps. My wife got me one with a longer handle and I used it until it rusted.

I finally gave in, and ordered blades from Harry’s just to see how they were. They must be pretty good because of all my blog advertisers they yielded the most clicks. I was extremely impressed with them. They didn't hurt and they worked very well. The shave gel that they sent along with it was pretty good, but it wasn't any better than the Edge Gel you get from the store for half the price, and also seems to lasts twice as long. I was so impressed with the Harry’s razors that I figured I better try the other mail order blades that I see on Facebook all the time from Dollar Shave Club, and do a side by side comparison, and while I was at it I got some of that Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter too.

Now in the interest of proving that my specialty is overlooking a good thing, I looked at the Dollar Shave Club blades when they came in and immediately thought the space between the blades would be great for cleaning them out. The Harry’s blades would get clogged after a few uses and I’m such a tight wad that I hate that. I used the Shave Butter with the Harry’s razor that was already in the bathroom, and damn that was some good stuff. I knew that between the shave butter and the blades I was in the process of shaving nirvana. Well that was until I tried the blades from Dollar Shave Club.
It’s still very hard for me to figure out what is the worst part of the Dollar Shave Club experience. 

Was it the fact that the blades ripped the hair out over my lip like all the really cheap blades do? Nah, there are hundreds of razors out there that suck like that. Could it perhaps be the fact that the handle that they send you slips out of your hands the entire time you are trying to shave your neck? This made me reminisce about the scenes from the movie Scarface where the barber was terrified of cutting his throat. Speaking of Scarface, this is kind of a description of how those crappy blades left my face. If it was between those blades and the old safety razor, I would have stuck with the safety razor, even rusty.

I still like the shave butter, but not enough to order those horrible razors. Thankfully after a quick search of my trusted ally in the world of being a cheap bastard, there are dozens of different shave butters I can try and they all appear to be cheaper than the Dr. Carver’s. If you use the Dollar Shave Club and you haven’t tried Harry’s yet, then please for your own sanity, give them a try. If you would like to buy 3 unused razors from Dollar Shave Club, please feel free to send me a comment and I will get them to you as soon as possible.