Thursday, February 5, 2015

Want A New Android Device for Free?

I love my Samsung S4 smartphone. From the day I got it, to this day I have loved this phone, and I haven’t even considered getting another one. Sure there is the S5, and there was a time here and there that I would have loved to have one of the various Note phones that Samsung has come out with, but when it gets right down to it, I have had nothing to be unhappy with as it concerns my trusty Android friend.

Well, ok if I have to be honest there is one thing about my S4 that drove me crazy, and I am sure that there was some super simple way to fix it, but I hated how cluttered the device would get. My Epic2 was the easiest phone to un-clutter. You would simply click the button at the bottom of the menu, click “organize” then “alphabetical” then “save” and then BOOM, your phone was organized. The S4 eluded me with this task, and all of the screens of un-alphabetized crap would be a pain to scroll through.

That was when I was looking through Facebook, and there was an “app ad” for Yahoo Aviate Launcher. It suggested that it was an app for people who love their old phone but would like it to be brand new again. That resembled me, so I decided I would try it out. I was a little shocked at how simple it was to set up. Four welcome screens which asked me a few simple questions really, and choosing a start screen (Iron Man for me of course) and then again, BOOM, my phone was organized.

Aviate is slick, in the way it organizes everything alphabetically, but even cooler is the way it chooses different “categories” for your apps as well. All of my “Social” stuff is in its own location. The “Messaging” apps are all together. The “Graphics” which includes camera and photo editing where all put together. Of course I had a location for all of my “Games” and “Sports” were also represented. Even things I had totally forgotten that I had downloaded or lost in the kludge of screens were now front and center, mostly for me to uninstall.

Is there really anything more special about this app? I’m sure there is, but when it gets right down to it, I had no other need than to simplify my phone. It simplified my phone so well, that I really had no need to go poking around it too much. My phone was a well oiled machine, and I was ready to just start using it for more things than finding apps. The “Financial” category put all of my banking apps, Quicken, Credit Karma, and various other things there so I could actually start organizing my finances. Well as soon as I get some finances, but I’ll make sure you all know about that sooner or later too.

If you have an Android device that could use a little more user friendliness, or you are just sick of looking at the same old same old, you should definitely give Yahoo Aviate Launcher a try. You'll thank me for it.