Monday, February 23, 2015

To D-Box or not to D-Box. Good Question.

Well I was pretty excited to get D-Box seats for Kingsmen: The Secret Service the other night because if nothing else it was a new experience for me. My wife was worried that I was going to spill my overpriced popcorn and soda because she honestly thought the D-Box seats were going to throw us around. I may be na├»ve at times, but that definitely wasn’t a worry of mine. I should have worried about other things but we will get to that in a bit.

For those of you who don’t know what D-Box seating ( is, it’s a lot like going to one of the rides at Universal Studios only really lame in comparison. Yeah that was the exact feeling I had after sitting through a great movie with a seat that moved and vibrated now and then, but ended up being more annoying than exciting. By the end of the movie the hard seat was really starting to hurt my boney butt.

To be honest with you the D-Box experience might have been great if you subtract the extra $8 per seat that you spend for it. When you consider the matinee ticket was $7.25 and my gigantic overpriced popcorn and soda were an extra $12 the whole date cost $42.50 and the only cost of that I personally end up regretting is, you guessed it, the D-Box seats. This probably explains where there were two whole rows in the theater that were vacant, aside from my wife and I and the other couple trying D-Box for the first time.

Now of course we hear all the time about how the poor movie industry is having a hard time paying the millionaires they employ to pretend to be other people. Movie ticket sales are down every year, or so they tell us. Something like the D-Box seats should be standard to get people to show up to movies much less get another $8 out of them. This was the problem I was having with the 3-D movie craze. They made me a bit dizzy and if you took the glasses off the movie looked really bad. For a while there, all movies were coming out in 3-D and reflected a larger ticket cost, now you are seeing them less and less, as the fad wears off.

In a nutshell, if your theater has reserved D-Box seating, just stay away from it. The extra cost makes it disappointing, and the little demo unit in the entryway is catered to make you feel like it happens all through the movie. It goes off less than half the movie and the seat hurts your rear. Better spend your $8 to add a box of overpriced candy or something to your overpriced popcorn and soda.