Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's All About the Text

Here is my second Tech Whacko in a row where I talk about an Android App that everyone, but me, might have known about for a long time. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it, because as I had been looking around the internet people have been discussing it for years. I will just pretend that I am not the only person who missed the memo, and talk about it anyway. Yeah yeah yeah, I am talking about TouchPal (Android Version) (iPhone Version) which is quite amazing the more I use it.

Now I am not new to the third party keyboard. I had used a few, and was on one called Ginger which did most of the same things but it couldn’t cure my fat finger syndrome, which always made it impossible to hit the right keys. I just assumed that no matter what App I installed that would just be my cross to bear. Ginger would make this even worse because every time I bungled a word and hit the space, it would add that word to the dictionary, and over time the gobbledygook would just make suggestions impossible too.

Back to TouchPal, and basically the same interface I had gotten used to with all of the others, and the same “predictive word selection” choices. A very large difference was it wouldn’t let me bungle words. It was very quick and effective at autocorrect. Like most autocorrect you have to make sure that it isn’t changing your words to something unrelated, but I find this keyboard does that a lot less than all the others I used to. If you need to put a word in that isn’t in the dictionary whether it is because you made it up, or it just isn’t there to begin with, the word you have typed will be in the buttons above, and you can just click it to make it not change.

Aside from the really cute built in features (like all of the Facebook hidden icons), and the ability to actually suggest the right icon based on the words you are using, it also does the one thing that NONE of the other keyboard replacements I had tried could. It actually cured my fat finger syndrome. Beside all of those goodies, and a few more I am sure I will find along the way, I just want to tell you how fast the entire process of using your keyboard on your phone can be. For example I typed this entire blog on my Samsung Galaxy 4 in less than 15 minutes. That changes the whole game for my blogging mobility.

If you know of any other great keyboard replacement Apps please share them. I am always willing to try new things!