Monday, January 26, 2015

The Smell Test

I should be ashamed of myself for talking about a new gadget or service that I haven't even been in contact with aside from all of the commercials that I and I am sure everyone else has seen for it. I'm talking about the wonderful new home security that your friends at Xfinity are willing to give you for… actually who cares how much they charge? I really can't get over these commercials I see for it non-stop, day in and day out. You know why I happen to see them so much? Because we are one of the millions of people in this country that are held hostage by Comcast, a consistently rated Top 5 worst company in America. This is the company that uses the Xfinity name to dupe the few people who don't know it is Comcast to sign up for service and… get stuck with Comcast.

Now theoretically there are other sources for television that I could get. A couple of almost equally opportunistic and heavily unpopular satellite companies will sell me a package of television that they will increasingly charge me more for until I have the Comcast pain, that doesn't work on a snowy day. I figured I would just skip chopping all the trees down to get such issues that will strangle me at a later time. The big problem is of course, if you want high speed internet, Comcast (Xfinity) is the only game in town. Yeah there is that crappy company from the Carolinas that bought all of our telephone lines before they went bankrupt, but to this day they still don't have a DSL line that reaches, and from what I hear they don't work if they reach. In other words, I am a hostage of Comcast, and quite biased.

Back to my first point before the rants. Comcast regardless of what name they happen to change to this week is the pinnacle of bad service, poor quality and of course sticking it to everyone once they own them. What idiot is going to trust their home security to a company that doesn't solve service problems with their cable boxes? I mean it has gotten so bad with Comcast that people have resorted to recording the horrible customer service and posting it to the internet. Comcast then acknowledges that there is an issue, and doesn't solve a thing. This is a company that sells unlimited internet and then threatens people for using too much of it. This is a company that you would trust with the security of your home? This is a company that nobody in their right mind trusts with the fine print of a contract, much less security. God Bless the Idiots!