Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Get Your Gear On

I have always loved my Techie junk, and when I had heard that Samsung was coming out with Android watches, I was actually pretty leery of going after one. I like to think I am hip and all but at my age I have to also admit that the eyesight isn’t what it used to be. For that reason alone really I laid off the first generation of smart watches. The second generation of smart watches on the other hand held a different issue all together, and that was the price.
Needless to say at this point unless your head is stuck in the iCloud permanently, you probably know that Samsung is in its third and fourth generation of these smart watches and the ante was upped when Apple came out with plans for a smart watch. Yes that meant that they are here to stay, and I finally wanted in, of course my budget wasn’t going to support a new one, but thankfully the second generations are fluttering about under 100$ either on Groupon (where I got mine) or in other locations on the internet. I have used mine daily now for well over a month and am ready to talk about it openly.
First let’s get the cons out of the way because they will stand out front and center, and if you are going out to get a pricier third or fourth generation many of these issues are probably moot. It will take you at least a week to get used to how uncomfortable the thing is. I have no idea what the designers of these things were thinking when they made them but the way it sits on your wrist is just awkward. Until you figure out the way to get it on, the thing has some serious pinch points. Let me say this though, the functionality, usefulness and just the way people stop you and ask you if that is a smart watch is well worth it.
Now for the things you will never be able to live without again after you put one of these on your wrist. The built in pedometer and calorie counter was the original thing I wanted. I was completely right, because it has helped hone my diet and exercise routine down to a very simple science. The built in camera, seems hokey until you actually have one. With the flick of a finger and a tap I can take pictures without having to grab my cell phone, open an app and, well you know the routine. I can imagine the usefulness of answering phone calls from your wrist, but I still get to giddy playing Star Trek to actually find it useful. The people who call me probably are sick of me begging them to call me Kirk or Spock too.
There are piles of apps that you can download from the Galaxy App store, and almost every one of them I tried was completely and utterly useless except for the one that makes the can’t live without list. For that matter the app had been off my radar for years until I finally found the thing it was made for, and that was sitting on my Galaxy Gear. Evernote has been a staple on may people’s cell phones for a good long time, but once I was able to make grocery lists and check them off from my wrist, I was in love with it. Don’t laugh, I’m sure there are all kinds of office crap you can do with it but I am just telling it like it is.

Anyone who has a little spare cash and wants an item that will make their life a little more interesting and at times easier, should go out and grab a Samsung Smart Watch. Mine is called a Galaxy Gear, but I think they now call them Google Gear. Don’t wait for Apple to copy everything they can from these little beauties, go and get one now. Stay away from the Microsoft versions that I have seen coming along (more on that when I do my review of the Surface) and just stick with the guys that have been working it baby. I haven’t regretted this decision since I got used to how uncomfortable it is.