Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Little Off Topic But

I know this is a strange post for a Tech Whacko blog but I’m not really good at these anyway so I figure I will let it roll. Has anyone noticed the great things that a lot of the fast food chains have been doing lately? I’m sure there is some complete out of touch weenie in San Francisco that would take umbrage with what I am saying right now, but I have never been all that politically correct. I was fascinated today with the Subway restaurant I went into because I really have never gone into one in the morning before, as I worked overnights and slept during the day until recently. Here’s what I surmised and the realizations of things I had noticed in a few of the other chains as well.
In today’s totally connected world it is pretty safe to say that technology, coffee and pastries kind of go hand in hand, and I am thinking the days of going to Starbucks, drinking overpriced coffee and paying for a wi-fi connection are over. As I was in the Subway for no other reason than the commercials for their breakfast subs had been intriguing to me, I saw a half a dozen people drinking coffee and enjoying the totally free wi-fi that they had in there. Now in my case the Subway restaurant happens to be located smack dab in downtown Portsmouth where no other fast food restaurants have even tried to gather a foothold. Hell we had a Starbucks down there that was a total failure, but here was this Subway making a rather good go of it in a very dense dining area of the world. Of course where everyone else in the area is fighting over who gets to sell you a $20 dollar lobster roll or some other Nuevo cuisine Subway is selling its $5 subs, chips and soda, as well as Seattle’s Best coffee.
Now also in the arena of being less politically correct, the people in there using their laptops, Android devices and various other wi-fi enabled devices while drinking Starbuck’s other brand of coffee {oh you didn’t know?} were not the usual geeks. As a matter of fact it was diversity central in the place and everyone seemed to know each other and get along. It was a charming environment actually as the wide screen television had the news on, and I could actually see myself hanging out in a place like this. Now think about that for a minute, because I am your stereotypical blogger that would rather sit in a basement in my underwear writing about things that usually only entertain me, so that was a very interesting revelation. When I finally decided to sit down and write about the experience I remembered that McDonald’s had free wi-fi as well and it’s Newman’s Own coffee is every bit as good as anything you can get in a coffee shop now a days too.
With the world changing the way it is, and all of the new “friendlier” places popping up competing to be the “third place” you go {the Starbuck’s motto, after home after work, we compete to be the third place you live} and the interconnected operating systems for your computer, tablet, and phone you really need to take a longer look at the tech toys you get for family and friends this Christmas season. In reality I am not suggesting anything other than “something” because even with the least tech friendly people out there, the rest of the world is beginning to lend a hand. Get someone’s foot in the door with a sweet little Android device {which let’s face it even Big Lots has Android tablets for under $100 and sometimes under $70} and watch how their world changes. Are you sick of being the “go to” person for information? Well now you can teach someone even easier that they can get their information themselves, and more importantly, they can now get it almost anywhere as well.
Let us know any of the places that you have found easy and quibble free wi-fi access. We’d really appreciate the heads up and the community of sharing the information.