Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day One - The Tech Whacko

Welcome to my newest Whacko page. Nothing really special to see here, but it is a placeholder for what I hope to become a storied tradition of ranting and raving about tech toys for years to come. Of course I will simply add as many of my old blogs that pertain to some sort of tech experiment as I go, but for now I just have this set up to start from here. Nothing special, but I did get the idea to do this because I have a new Kindle Fire on the way, that my wife got me as our wedding gift, and I can't wait to brag about it {disguised as actual ratings etc} and that should bore the crap out of someone in the coming days.
Of course my newest obsession in the geek world is Evernote. For anyone that hasn't tried that yet I suggest you do so. If you are a scatterbrain like I am with something as simple as your smart phone you can organize your life and have it available on all of the computers and smart devices that you use. Think of it this way, but you get a business card from a friend and you place it in the "lost pocket" where most things go to die after they have been given to you. Well with the Evernote app on your Android phone you can snap a picture of it, send it to Evernote and not only will it always be there, but the built in OCR of Evernote will actually make all of the words copy and paste accessible for any of the other places that you have Evernote installed. It is a seriously cool little toy. You can go get your own copy of it for any or all of your devices right here at and start organizing your scattered brain like I do now!