Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blogging by 4G and Samsung

As I sit here this morning in San Antonio Texas, I decided it was time to try out my mobile blogging. Now of course to do this I needed the Blogger App for Android and of course an Android phone. My Android phone is the Epic 4G powered by Sprint, and I might as well give you the entire experience as I go. This could be interesting.
First of all let me tell you that this is a Man's phone. It has dual processors and can only be explained as the horse of smart phones. I've really only had desktop computers more powerful than this over the last two years. As many will note there will be a lot of spelling and grammar issues because there doesn't appear to be great spell checker tools. When typing out by thumb the last thing you want to do is go back and edit. Now of course my last smart phone was the ill fated Palm Pre which is basically dead, was a terrible quality phone but the WebOS that it used is much more pleasing the further I get from it. The spell checking and grammar tools were far superior and more like using Word than Notepad. Of course I can drop this phone or at the very least breath on it which was something the Palm Pre never got down.
The app itself is just about identical to using the normal blogger on the web, so I don't have much to add on that account. I will say this is the first time I have used 4G because it doesn't exist up north. Sprint gets an extra 10$ a month out of me just because I have a 4G phone and no 4G service. Even though I live in Verizon country I won't be paying Verizon prices. That's just me, but I have no problem admitting that if you can pay Verizon rates you will get 10 times the service. I just can't and won't justify it. Besides I get the family rate on Sprint since the wife's brother works for them so we aren't talking the difference between Sprint 69$ a month unlimited and Verizon's ala cart data plans (which can get insane if you don't pay attention) but 30$ a month and said ala cart. I'm fine with 3G at best most of the time.
All in all I am pretty happy with what I was able to type out here on the Epic 4G keyboard. I probably won't know if this looks ok on the web until I am sitting at a PC but, this did work in a pinch. I am 2000 miles from home and was able to do a tech blog and that's better than I could have done on the Pre. That web browser was scary bad, and while we are on that subject make sure you get Opera Mini for your Android device. That will make your phone almost as good as your PC. Ok not even close but we are getting there.