Saturday, March 11, 2006

Things You Learn When You Change Your Toothpaste

Well I got the name of this chain from the fact that I did change my brand of toothpaste recently, and not for any really big reason, but because it was close to the register and sold in 2 packs, so I said, “What the hell?” and grabbed some for myself and my daughter. Realistically I always grabbed the store brand, or if it was on mundo sale, I would grab Colgate, because it is what I grew up with. This tube of Crest Extra Whitening, just kinda looked cool and I was in a hurry after all, but I have to tell you, that I am shocked at what a huge difference it made. My teeth are so much cleaner that I can actually feel more space between my teeth as I run my tongue along them {and as the most sexually frustrated and ADD riddled adult on planet earth that is all day actually}. The attitude change that just seeing my teeth whiter is amazing too. I don't know why I have to learn everything the hard way, but it is just my station in life. This translates into a lot of things though too, and most of the changes that I am forced to make are usually because I get taken advantage of, or end up angry.

Here’s a good example, as I was rather taken back when I started up my copy of Music Match Jukebox the other day so that I could rip my new pile of CDs that I had just gotten from BMG music {yeah I know makes me look like a loser but CDs on average end up costing me about 6$ a piece this way, AFTER shipping, if you know what you are doing} and I got that wonderful prompt again. This prompt is what happens to you with Music Match ever since Yahoo bought it and it is infuriating. Originally I bought Music Match {probably about 7 years ago} because it was feature rich and for a small fee you could get the major revisions. The big selling point was how it automatically looked up songs titles and other data from an internet site, and it made life so much easier. Besides the fact that I like to support the shareware concept and pay for the software that I feel is a good value. Well between then and now, Yahoo ended up buying it and as they always do, rewrote the license agreement { and will do so at will of course} and basically said, “tough shit you menial piece of internet scum, we are Yahoo” and now it is the newest prompt that tells me that to download song info is a yearly fee. This was after about 6 months ago being forced to buy the last revision update at double the price or else I couldn’t get that info at all.

So what I decided to do was go get Winamp, which at the time I bought Music Match was one of the other alternatives, but it was being bought by AOL and silly me, I thought that was going to be a bad thing. I have since learned how to prioritize my hatreds towards media giants, and somehow AOL has ended up becoming one of the “decent people to do business with” but it did take Yahoo stealing a lot of money from me to get to this point. They still owe me a hundred bucks yanno! The Winamp player for a 19$ fee gives you so much it's insane really. Music Match used to give you a lot of these things, but slowly and surely Yahoo stripped them out and made them “for an extra fee” even if you had paid for it to begin with. The most impressive thing about the Winamp player is once you actually pay the fee to get it licensed it includes XM Satellite radio feeds {Also an AOL-Time Warner Company} totally free. You wouldn't believe how much this totally kicks ass over any of those ”other” internet radio stations, but the AOL version does have commercials {unlike the actual satellite receiver, but very small ones that take up about 30 seconds every 4 or 5 songs} and is worth it considering that they don't have that 1 hour maximum song rotation that Launchcast or many of the other internet broadcasts do.

There are drawbacks to Winamp as apposed to Music Match. To be totally fair Music Match does rip CDs a lot faster, but I am starting to think that I just need to configure something better to get that speed kick. Winamp on the other hand automatically detects new directories every time you start it up unlike Music Match. I am also a bit paranoid that one of the usual Yahoo blind DLLs might be making it slower too. Microsoft does this as well and it is another thing that infuriates me to no end, and why I won't use Media Player that comes with ordinary Windows. Microsoft is the pioneer of invasive technologies and Yahoo is merely trying to emulate them. Install either Yahoo Messenger or MSN messenger and they will install themselves to every facet of your computer. During the really ”busy” periods in the day the Yahoo Messenger will actually slow down your entire PC to almost non existent, as it's invasive spyware will NOT let go of your resources during it's lags {my computer has been at the very least 5 times more productive since I uninstalled it completely, and THEN had to run a registry sweeper to get rid of all the hidden files that it purposefully left behind too} because at least MSN allows you to turn off all of its ”Anonymous Usage Statistics” if you are savvy enough to find the switch. Back to the point though, Media Player does have all of the capabilities built into it NOW to do some really horrendous privacy things to me, and I am NOT going to be sitting around waiting for that anonymous update.

Sometimes I regress, I realize this. Take Blogaholics Anonymous for instance. I went from having a very popular Yahoo group to becoming enraged at Yahoo {who the hell am I fooling, I still am} and moved it to MSN groups. MSN groups sucks, and it has finally dwindled down to just me and Sancira talking to each other, and I can't blame anyone because it just doesn't work well, and isn't worth even reading the e-mails. I'll be closing it up here this weekend as it is just another pathetic failure that I simply admit was a failure and move forward. It doesn't mean that I am going back to the Yahoo format though, as I still do not want to do a single thing to make Yahoo better, but I do have to admit when a change works and when it doesn't ... Have a good weekend everyone ... New Yahell 369, MySpace, and TagWorld editions this weekend {and daily ones here too of course} ;8o)